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Created to educate and inform the public about Elgen Long, his works, and his theory about the Amelia Earhart disappearance, The Long Search for Amelia Earhart has a large resource of media provided by Elgen Long himself to provide complete information needed for Elgen's goal of public understanding of what really happened when Earhart never arrived at Howland Island. Elgen has been researching the disappearance of Earhart since the early 1970's and has made a lifetime effort to scientifically pinpoint the area where Earhart most likely went down in the water. His expertise comes from his own aviation career and the many flights he has performed for airlines throughout the world. During his record trip around the world in 1971, he even flew over Howland Island and made an approach using the same navigation techniques from the 1930's era that Earhart's navigator would have used. The scientific approach to the mystery has greatly increased the chance of success of finding Earhart's plane on the ocean floor.

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