How to Save Education and a Trillion Dollars

An innovative book by Elgen Long describing restructuring the education system for more efficiency and effectiveness.

A plan for immediate overhaul of US Education.

The present public education system in the United States is inadequate, inefficient, antiquated, bogged down in bureaucracy, and lost in minutia. Quite simply, it is ineffective. That it must be fixed now is paramount, and it must be fixed in a way that our nation can afford.

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Writing the Book

Seeing the immediate need to overhaul the education system of the United States, Elgen Long set out to research and describe a plan that would better utilize education facilities and potentially save the nation a combined value of $1 Trillion dollars over a period of 10 years. Elgen researched innovative school scheduling used abroad as well as studied the effectiveness of tweaking certain education programs. The result is transforming the k-12 system into a k-14 system that gives students a level of education equivalent to Junior College by age 18.

Elgen believes that through smart change the nation can not only save a lot of dollars in operating costs but better utilize education facilities and give our nation's children a better and more effective education. Given the symptoms of our nation's fledgling education statistics, the need to act is immediate and paramount. Elgen describes the end result we need to achieve to make sure our nation thrives.