Underwater Search for Earhart

Searching for Earhart's plane on the ocean floor near Howland Island.

Searching for wreckage at depths of 18,000ft.

Elgen has been an advisor and participant to more than three technical deep-water searches near Howland Island. He has provided his 35 years of expertise reconstructing Earhart's final flight to determine high-probability search areas.

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Searching the area

Needle in a Haystack from Waitt Institute on Vimeo.

Groups searching for Earhart's plane that are following the Crash and Sank Theory are searching an area of approximately 2,000 square miles particularly on the western side of Howland island. Groups that have conducted deep sea searches have included the Waitt Institute and NAUTICOS. The water where her plane lies is 18,000ft deep and contains mountains and valleys - a difficult search.

Listening to the evidence

The Long Search for Amelia Earhart from Justin Long on YouTube.

The stories from Coast Guard crewmen that participated on the last leg of Earhart's journey support the evidence that Earhart's plane lay near Howland Island. Not only were Earhart's radio signals very strong until her last transmission, cross-examination of navigation techniques used in the 1930s and visibility in the Electra cockpit all reveal a search area surrounding Howland Island.