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Elgen's Round-the-World Flight

In 1971 Elgen Long finally accomplished his life long dream of flying around the world. His flight flew over both poles of the earth setting fifteen world records and firsts. Elgen touched down on all seven continents, including Antarctica. He also made the effort of finding Howland Island using the same techniques Amelia Earhart would have used in the 1930's. The flight received extensive media coverage during and after the twenty-eight day event.

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The 'Long' Search for Earhart

Discover the hard evidence and the expertise behind the Elgen Long theory of Earhart's disappearance.

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The two-minute version of A Man, A Plane, And A Dream briefly describing Elgen's round-the-world accomplishments.

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A Man, A Plane, And A Dream

The full-length video of "Round-the-Poles" featuring a detailed account of Elgen's round-the-world flight.

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