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The quick version of "A Man, A Plane, And A Dream." For most of Elgen's life he had dreamed of flying around the world. Already he was involved in a flying career and had the expertise to accomplish his goal. After gathering his resources for the trip, some courtesy of friendly aviation companies, Elgen set out for twenty-eight days and over two hundred fifteen flying hours to set fifteen world records and firsts and finally accomplish his endeavor.

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Full-length Available: Man, Plane, Dream
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Long Search for Amelia EarhartThe 'Long' Search for Earhart

Discover the hard evidence and the expertise behind the Elgen Long theory of Earhart's disappearance.

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The two-minute version of A Man, A Plane, And A Dream briefly describing Elgen's round-the-world accomplishments.

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A Man, A Plane, And A DreamA Man, A Plane, And A Dream

The full-length video of "Round-the-Poles" featuring a detailed account of Elgen's round-the-world flight.

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