Search for Amelia Earhart: Elgen Long

:: Elgen's expertise was developed from a life filled with varied and unusual experiences. Read how the Earhart search began. Click Here >>

Searching for Amelia
:: Thirty-five years of dogged research has provided the most logical explanation of Earhart's disappearance. Elgen's "Crash and Sink" theory is now the most accepted. Click Here >>

:: Learn all of the facts in less than seven minutes. Watch a video about the 'Long' search or a clip of Elgen's round-the-world flight. Click Here >>

The above quote by Elgen Long reflects his determination to accomplish his personal goals. When Elgen was the first to solo across the continent of Antarctica, he pushed through temperatures of thirty-three below zero. His heater failed on the way to the South Pole, and it would be eight cold hours later before he would land safely on the ice runway at McMurdo Sound.

During the 1970s when conspiracy theories circled the Amelia Earhart mystery, Elgen Long and his wife, Marie, set out to discover the truth. Elgen's aviation expertise (and his own experience from flying around the world, setting fifteen world records and firsts) told him that the most probable explanation for her disappearance lay in the navigation and communications surrounding Earhart’s last flight. After over thirty-five years of research, Elgen and Marie plotted the most likely area where Earhart would have ditched her Lockheed Electra. Already the search has begun.

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