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In 1937, Amelia Earhart disappeared into the Pacific Ocean only days from completing her famous around-the-world flight. Her plane was never found. Now, with the recent discovery of long-lost radio messages, combined with authors Elgen M. Long and his wife Marie K. Long's thirty-five years of research, the mystery surrounding Earhart has been solved. Amelia Earhart: The Mystery Solved simultaneously reveals their findings and brings to life the primitive conditions under which early aviators flew - including lack of radar, unreliable communications, grass landing strips, and poorly mapped islands - reminding us just how daring Earhart was.

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Amelia Earhart: The Mystery Solved
This book has been published by Simon & Schuster, Inc., and may be available at your bookstore or local library.

ISBN-10: 0-684-86006-6
ISBN-13: 978-0-684-86006-0